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VJRegenMed is committed to improving our service to you

Advanced Therapies Week 2022 | OCELLOS: A novel advanced therapy orchestration platform

Arturo Araya, MBA, TrakCel, Cardiff, UK, provides an overview of TrakCel’s OCELLOS platform and its role in the digitization of supply chain management. The cloud-based platform provides a scalable service that can be adaptable to different countries and their regulations and unlike a code-based system, OCELLOS provides the flexibility to respond to changes within the future via the partner MuleSoft platform. The modular nature of the platform additionally enables the system to be repaired more efficiently, as the whole platform does not need to be taken down for maintenance. He also highlights the potential integration of future technologies in OCELLOS, such as blockchain which may be utilized by healthcare systems. This interview took place at Advanced Therapies Week 2022.


Arturo Araya, MBA is an employee of TrakCel.